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About RestroOrder

RestroOrder is a software suite developed by Danfe Solution, a versatile IT company in Nepal. RestroOrder is a full-fledged restaurant management system developed in order to smartly manage all the major functional departments and respective activities of any restaurant, food-court, coffee shop, and similar entities, on a daily basis.

RestroOrder was founded in 2016 with the goal of revolutionalizing the restaurant scene in Nepal and helping restaurants to succeed. Our expertise in restaurant management and innovative solutions are our core strength which helped us build a successful software solution to back-office restaurant operation.

We aspire to create the most powerful, intuitive, hassle-free, easy to use and customer-centric restaurant management platform with extensive collection of tools which allows you to grow your hospitality business manifold.

We are passionate about giving the right insights to our customers in order to solve their business challenges and improve their operations, amounting to increase in their profitability. By the leverage provided by the restaurant software from RestroOrder, restaurateurs gain visibility and insight into their data, which helps them make better decisions.  With the system in its place and the assurance of key operations are being managed in a secure, robust environment, you can completely focus on your customers by providing them quality hospitality experience.

1. What Our System Offers

• Choose Technology, Increase Efficiency

RestroOrder is an advanced technology uniquely programmed to help our clients maximize the benefits and strengthen their competitive advantage. It makes conveying information efficientbetween waiters and venue(kitchen, bar, café, etc)with our smart ordering systemwhilereduces the time consumption for keeping track of the records with our Restro Software including Accounting, Reports and Inventory Management.

• Smart Ordering System

RestroOrder allows waiters to send the order into the kitchen from our android application while they are at table with the customers, without the need to go to the kitchen. Waiter goes to the kitchen only when order is ready to be collectedafter getting notification in theirtablet from the kitchen.
The faster the order arrive to the customers, the increased is the Customer Satisfaction. RestroOrder app ensures the “First Come, First Serve” policy. The most recent orders are prioritized which ensures customers get the orders in short period of time.

• Inventory Control

It allows a restaurant to get a proper overview of its stock which makes it easily predict the amount of food it needs to purchase with our Product Management feature. This is exactly what quality restaurant management software can help a restaurant to achieve.This way, restaurant owners and managers are able to identify the most popular items on the menu, and in the same way, the least desired items. With this kind of insight, they can adjust the menu accordingly that makes inventory management a less tedious work.

• Menu / Table / Venue Management

Easy addition of the category of menus, food and beverage from single interface that looks attractive on both computer and app. Menu List can be altered in a swift. Also adding up the venues i.e. Kitchen, Bar, Bakery, Café, Lounge etc including the tables in each venues can be done easily. The venue, table and the menu is easily accessible with the attractive interface from the tablet provided to the waiters.
Hence, smart system means instant customer service which automatically increases the Restaurant Brandingand growing position in the market.

• Kitchen Display System (KDS)

If printing orders from waiter in the Kitchen is not your thing, KDS is for you. KDS eliminates the one way communication channel. A touch screen display, which can be regular pc or a tablet, can be setup in the kitchen. When the waiter creates order, it is displayed in the KDS from which the person can read the current and new orders with menu ordered time with the waiter who placed ordered. This makes the person from kitchen easy to notify the waiter when the order is ready and efficient way to see what to prepare next.
With KDS use of paper receipts are minimized which minimizes the long term paper cost.

• Accounting Management

Our system eliminates the traditional Excel spreadsheets and Paper workwhich are time-consuming and extremely troublesome. RestroOrder is much times efficient with the Accounting Systemasit automate the entire spectrum of management process. Accounting System managesthe ledgers, Balance Sheet, Revenue reports, Sales Reportwhich can be generated and printed from the system. It changes a tedious time consuming work to an effortless job.

• Customizable package system

RestroOrder software comes with many benefits and one of those is it can be customized according to the individual requirement. We can change the software according to the preference of Restaurant Menu module, Inventory module, Accounting module or KDS module as per each clientele requirement.

2. Why Restro Order

• Ease of Use

Our software can also be seamlessly integrated into your old POS. Its versatility also allows you to use it on plethora of devices, be it a Windows Laptop, an iPad or an Android phone. We have worked on simplifying the front end so learning to use it is just a matter of few minutes. Our order management software enables the restaurant staff to transfer tickets quickly to the kitchen, split bills, change tables, change item quantities, change item prices, repeat drinks or menu items and manage discounts.

• IRD Approved

Our software is IRD (Inland Revenue Department) approved, which means less work in your next audit report. This will save a lot of time and simplify the process of tiresome but mandatory tax report filing.

• Customer tracking

Customer tracking helps you to understand what your customers want, their preferences when they order, frequency of visits and how they pay. You can use this information to target new sales.

• Waste Tracking

Waste has a significant impact on your costs, so minimizing waste should be a priority concern for managers. Our system provides tools to track food and bar waste as it occurs. Be it re-cooks, spills, or wrong orders our system can track it all.

• Loyalty Programs

One can hire the best of staff and serve the best in class food, but if a business cannot attract customers, then what’s the point? Our software has built in marketing tool for loyalty programs which will not only help you to get repeat customers but also attract new ones.

• Highly Customizable

Our software solution has been designed specifically keeping in mind the requisites of restaurateurs. We have deeply analyzed the problems faced by businesses and integrated smart features that resolve those issues. We are always happy to listen to our customers and make a value addition as per their requirements.

• Customer Acquisition and Retention

Having a solid customer acquisition strategy is the key to success for any business. Increase your revenue by creating offers, gift cards and discounts through our system. It helps you grow quantitatively in terms of customer acquisition and retention. Our CRM keeps track of all the data from customers visiting your restaurant so you can use it to deliver customized experience to your visitors.

• Error Free Environment

Since orders are taken on a tablet and sent to the kitchen wirelessly, there is no scope for order errors caused by having to transfer orders from paper to POS.

• Competitive Pricing

We aim to be the market leader in terms of restaurant managing software so we have priced our systems at a fairly lower price than all other existing platforms. It’s not about money but changing the way restaurants operate in Nepal.

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RestroOrder is a software suite developed by Danfe Solution, a versatile IT company in Nepal. RestroOrder is a full-fledged restaurant management system developed in order to smartly manage all the major functional departments and respective activities of any restaurant, food-court, coffee shop, and similar entities, on a daily basis.

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